How to use a Software Synthesizer and Midi files

How to use a Software Synthesizer and Midi files

Basically, these are the steps to start using a software synthesizer, the method applies to any synth you may have, no matter the name or company.

  1. Load the synth plugin or software instrument into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  2. Locate the preset library or browser within the synth interface.

  3. Browse through the available presets and select one you want to use.

  4. Apply the preset by clicking on it or by loading it into your project.

  5. Once the preset is loaded, you can further adjust the sound by manipulating the synth's parameters.

You can use the software synth on a midi track, in your DAW. After you load a piano preset for example, your synthesizer will play piano and you just need to add the notes, in your Midi track. Below are few examples, how to do it:

Load a MIDI file into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
Assign a virtual instrument or sound source to play the MIDI data. This can be done by creating a software instrument track in your DAW and selecting a virtual instrument to be used.

Play back the MIDI file to hear the performance.You can edit the MIDI data in your DAW, such as adjusting the velocity, pitch, or length of individual notes, as well as editing the overall performance. If desired, you can record the output of the virtual instrument to an audio track to capture the sound of the performance.

After you have the new melody or bassline created using midi notes, you can change the presets in your software synthesizer. You can change piano preset with modern lead preset or pad, the results can be amazing and will give you endless inspiration to make such experiments. 


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