2024's Premier EDM Festivals: Prices and Locations

2024's Premier EDM Festivals: Prices and Locations

Embark on an exploration of the Electronic Dance Music landscape in 2024, featuring a selection of the year's most anticipated festivals. These gatherings are more than just musical events; they're a celebration of the EDM culture, offering unparalleled experiences and showcasing leading musical acts. Below are the highlights, including expected dates, ticket pricing based on historical trends, and official websites to assist in mapping out your festival itinerary.

Tomorrowland (Belgium)

  • When: Typically late July to early August
  • Where: Boom, Belgium
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: Starts at €225 for a standard weekend pass, soaring up to €2000 for premium packages.
  • Overview: Celebrated for its enchanting atmosphere and unity, Tomorrowland features stellar lineups and spellbinding stage designs.
  • Official Website: Tomorrowland

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas (USA)

  • When: Usually mid to late May
  • Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: General admission from $400, VIP passes exceed $700.
  • Overview: Distinguished by its extraordinary production, including vast stage setups and elaborate pyrotechnics.
  • Official Website: EDC Las Vegas

Ultra Europe (Croatia)

  • When: Mid-July
  • Where: Split, Croatia
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: General admission from €150.
  • Overview: A showcase of dynamic performances set against Split's stunning coastal vistas, channeling the vibrancy of Miami.
  • Official Website: Ultra Europe

Creamfields (United Kingdom)

  • When: August Bank Holiday weekend
  • Where: Daresbury, Cheshire, England
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: £220 for standard camping, above £400 for VIP.
  • Overview: Known for its groundbreaking stages and exceptional lineups, Creamfields stands at the forefront of the UK's dance music scene.
  • Official Website: Creamfields

Electric Forest Festival (USA)

  • When: End of June
  • Where: Rothbury, Michigan, USA
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: Around $350 for weekend general admission.
  • Overview: A fusion of music, art, and community within an enchanting forest setting, offering a diverse musical lineup.
  • Official Website: Electric Forest

Awakenings (Netherlands)

  • When: Late June
  • Where: The Netherlands
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: Approximately €50 for day passes.
  • Overview: A techno sanctuary, featuring a roster of premier artists and unmatched production quality.
  • Official Website: Awakenings

Sónar Festival (Spain)

  • When: Mid-June
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: €165 for the entire festival.
  • Overview: An intersection of music, creativity, and technology, Sónar attracts those eager to discover the avant-garde of EDM.
  • Official Website: Sónar Barcelona

Mysteryland (Netherlands)

  • When: Late August
  • Where: The Netherlands
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: Around €145 for weekend passes.
  • Overview: Set in a picturesque Dutch landscape, it offers a whimsical environment with a wide array of EDM genres.
  • Official Website: Mysteryland

Electric Zoo (USA)

  • When: Labor Day Weekend (Early September)
  • Where: Randall’s Island Park, New York City, USA
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: $250 for a weekend pass, with VIP options up to $500 or more.
  • Overview: Features a rich variety of electronic music's sub-genres, making it one of the city's premier music festivals.
  • Official Website: Electric Zoo

Beyond Wonderland (USA)

  • When: Typically in March for the Southern California event; dates for The Gorge event may vary.
  • Where: The Gorge Amphitheatre, Washington, USA
  • Estimated Ticket Cost: About $200 for a two-day pass.
  • Overview: An extraordinary venue paired with top-notch festival production, offering an immersive lineup and experience.
  • Official Website for Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge: Beyond Wonderland

For the latest updates on ticket availability, artist lineups, and any schedule changes, make sure you also check the official websites we included above.

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