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Quantum Vital Presets Collection

Quantum Vital Presets Collection

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Yo, it's your favourite dj and music producer here, and I'm stoked to introduce you to something that's been a game-changer in my own productions—the Quantum Vital Presets Collection. We're talking about a powerhouse of 276 killer Vital presets and 400 wild Vital wavetables that are gonna blow your mind and ignite your creativity.

This collection cuts across every genre I love—from the deep, thumping lines of EDM, the laid-back vibes of chillout, the expansive sounds of ambient, cinematic textures, right up to the gritty realms of trap, house, trance, techno drill, and hip hop. Whatever style you're into, these sounds are designed to elevate your tracks to the level of main stage bangers or deep experimental cuts.

Inside, you’ll find a massive range of sounds: thumping basses that punch through your mix, screaming leads that demand attention, crisp plucks, expressive pianos, immersive pads, intricate FX, and ethereal atmospheres that can set any mood. I’ve thrown in some of my own twists on these presets to make sure they’re something truly special.

And hey, we’re also giving you access to some top-tier presets from the Vital community—hand-picked for their originality and vibe. All of this stuff is totally royalty-free, so you can smash them into your tracks and projects without a second thought.

🎵 Boost your productions with the tools in the Quantum Vital Presets Collection. If you’re looking to craft the next festival anthem or explore new sonic territories, these sounds are here to make that journey insane. 🎶

Note: Make sure you've got the free Vital synth to use these presets.

🔹 Highlights of the Pack:

  • Basses: Foundation-shaking lows ready for any club system.
  • Leads: Piercing synths that slice through the mix.
  • Plucks: Instant earworms with every tap.
  • Pianos: From haunting melodies to energetic stabs.
  • Pads: Lush backgrounds for layering or leading.
  • FX: Creative effects to twist up your tracks.
  • Atmospheres: Create your unique vibe right off the bat.

🎹 Buy now the Quantum Vital Presets Collection and let's start ripping up some new tracks together. Catch you on the flip side! 🎧

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